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Golden Ratio Logo Design

Golden Ratio Logo Design

Are there any theories to design a logo? There are no defined paths but also it is not easy to make them happen without any law. Mathematics has many theories that have great real-life applications. There are many mathematical rules when followed make the work easy. So, people use them in many industries such as construction, engineering and our logo designing too has its place in the list. Any design requires definite shapes and sizes and any shape can be obtained through mathematical figures. So, mathematics plays an important role in designing logos. 

Golden Ratio:

Golden ratio one such concept of mathematics, where it defines and explains that when a line segment is divided into two unequal parts, it is divided in such a way that the ratio of longer side to the shorter side is equal to the ratio of the total length of the line segment to the longer part.

This is well-known result in mathematics and the value of that ratio is approximately 1.618. This golden ratio is represented by Greek alphabet “Phi”.

Golden Rectangle:

The principle of the golden rule is illustrated with an example of considering a rectangle, which is named The Golden Rectangle. Firstly, a rectangle with random sizes is taken and a square of length size equaling the shorter rectangle is marked. This divides the main rectangle into a square and a rectangle. This process of drawing squares inside the obtained rectangles is done continuously. A figure is obtained and this figure is named Golden Rectangle.

The theory of Golden ratio is very important for students, who study designing. The Golden ratio has its basis from the Fibonacci Series in mathematics. It is often said that the oldest pyramids and constructions in Greek and Europe follow this Golden ratio theory. Golden ratio logo designers in India too used these formats to design the ancient constructions.

Why is It Important?

When keenly observing the logo designs of some companies, it is evident that Golden Rectangle theory is obeyed. It can be easily used to create figures with various dimensions and this brings scope for a figure which inscribes many other figures within it. This provides an easyway for the designers to follow a certain path to make sure there is a design available for them through this figure.

There are some proved studies that the human brain prefers to view objects which follow a certain pattern and understand better when they maintain a pattern especially when they are geometrical. The designing softwareis also coded using these ratios. That means the designs are done using these ratios. So, when designers design the logos using these rules, it easily registers in their brain.

Use of Golden Rectangle in Logo Design:

The Golden Ratio logo designers have found that many natural beauties in the universe have been in the rules of these theories and when followed, this brings in the artistic beauty of any figure or logo. The golden rectangle is extended to form various figures like ellipse, circles, cylinders etc. there occur many designs. They form spirals and they all fall in a pattern of harmony.

Golden Ratio Logo designs:

The designs of many companies are formed from the golden rectangle and the companies includeHyundai, Nissan, Toyota, DHL, Twitter, Apple, Pepsi and lot more. They all are following the Golden ratio logo design patterns and that brings standardization as well as beauty to their Logos.

The Golden ratio Logo designers use the logo design software which includes a collection of spirals, rectangles, lines, squares, grids of many sizes, diagonals and many other polygons. Using this collection, one can develop an idea to make it a possible logo of a company. The design process becomes easy using pre-set figures and finding a best suitable figure from the lot. But it is the creativity of a Logo designer to find out a suitable logo among the grids and collection of many such mathematical figures.

The Golden Ratio Logo designers also have the flexibility to determine the size of the logo, text, symbol and any other information which makes a part of the logo. So, the theory is used in high-level applications and many logo designers in India too acknowledged the importance of such Logo Design software.

The Logo designers all over the world used this theory to make sure they create a valid design and following this can make them avail the design whenever they need it. The authentic designs fall under trademarks and thus every company can maintain their own Logo design with utmost safety.

Golden Ratio Logo Designers have that ability to prepare logos which are clearly visible in any size i.e. the logos are seen on different types of platforms but following the Golden ratio in logos helps to maintain the ratio of 1:6. This enables the image doesn’t lose its shape irrespective of the size or medium through which it is seen i.e. the logo’s image cannot be distorted. Also,the coloring of the logo and the shades of those colors can get a pattern o follow.


Golden ratio logo designers in India as well the other counties use the theory of golden ratio in designing various logos of their clients. Everytime they draw the figure and observe, they find out a new design. It also helps in maintaining the authenticity of the logo of a particular company by not letting a chance for others to plagiarise or infringe the acts of trademarks.

Golden Ratio Brand Logos

Golden Ratio in Nature

Golden Ratio in Architecture

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